Rates and Studio Information


Studio 10 hours 8am-6pm£800/day
Studio build, pre-light or strike days8am-6pm£650/day
Studio O/T 6pm-12am£90/hour
Studio overtime after midnight£125/hour
Studio Manager O/T starts 10 hours after breakfast/deliveries begin£30/hour
Studio Manager O/T after midnight£50/hour
Weekend rates £ x1.5
Food stylist kitchen£300/day
Trestle tables£10each
Black Drapes 20’ (6m) x 10’ (3m)£20each
Apple boxesSet of 8£35/day
Large fan£10/day
Ironing board and iron £20/day
Clothes Steamer£30/day
Unicol 2 shelf AV trolley £20/day
Innovativ ‘Ranger’ Camera Cart £60/day


Breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea£37/head
Breakfast and lunch£29/head
Breakfast £7.95/head

For lunch up to 20 people we can pre-order at the following local restaurants, larger parties will require 48hrs notice:




Turkish Meze

Things you should know:

  • We are not a soundstage.
  • Due to the nature of a residential area, we cannot have ‘loud’ music/playback/drums etc.
  • The Studio is at lower ground level and is serviced by ‘stairs’ or a small goods lift 1.2m x 0.78m max 250kgs for heavy items.
  • The studio has 2 pillars running down the centre of the studio effectively dividing it into 2 areas approx 25’x40’ each (see studio plan)
  • Re:Art Dept. Although our ceiling is 11’, we have girders and scaffold where we would recommend using max height 9’ flats, not 10’.
  • All Lighting requirements must be ordered through the studio. We have an extensive Tungsten lighting and lighting grip list available through Cross Hire but are happy to give you a quote for any supplementary requirements you may require.
  • We do not paint the cyc before each job but will happily quote for a re-paint should you need one.
  • Re: Dolly. We recommend hiring a Super PeeWee III, or Fisher 11 as we know it fits on the lift.
  • Our terms are 50% of any agreed quote in advance and the remainder before 28 days.

Food Stylist Kitchen

Our ‘Food Stylist Kitchen’ is £300/day and includes:
2 x Nef (clear window) ovens
1 x 6 ring ‘Parry’Hob
2 x ‘Tefcold’ Glass Front Fridges
1 x ‘Tefcold’ Glass Front Freezer
3 x 1800x600mm Stainless Steel Trestles
1 x 1800x600mm Stainless 2 shelf Table
1 x 1000x600mm Stainless sink and drainer
4 x Anti slip mats
30litre Hot Water Boiler
Trugs and bins
We would be happy to hire in any additional requirements for your Food Stylist.

Contact us

For enquiries about hiring the studio, please use the form below:

Tel: 020 7686 4041
Email: info@crossstreetstudio.tv

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